Chitta Latte - Chítta Latte
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Chitta Latte
Chitta Latte
Chitta Latte
Chitta Latte
Chitta Latte
mushroom + collagen coffee enhancer

Chitta Latte

“My coffee has never left me feeling this good. I honestly love chitta” – Katie

Adaptogenic mushroom extracts mixed with espresso infused collagen powder. Designed to improve the caffeine experience without sacrifice to the flavor of your coffee.


26 individual serving sticks


Longer lasting energy 

Better focus 

Easier on the gut 

No jitters, anxiety, or crash

Mental acuity 

Anti Aging

Gut & Immune support 

Stress reduction

Improved sleep / wake cycles 

Pour chitta into hot coffee (or chai / matcha) and stir. 

Iced drinks: pour into one oz of hot liquid, stir, and pour over ice.

Drinks under 4 oz: cut serving size in half.

Cappuccino: add to espresso and whisk or add to milk and steam. 

Chitta Latte
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What our customers say

“Great product, great customer service, and so excited to put this into my morning coffee!”

Luke G.

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What our customers say

“Chitta-Latte has proven to be an enriching addition to my morning coffee routine.”

Roger S.

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What our customers say

“I put it in my coffee every morning. Love how it takes the burst out of the caffeine and just spreads the positive effect over several hours. Much more enjoyable coffee experience.”

Brian G.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this coffee?
Is it vegan?
Does Chitta work with Decaf? 
How do I make with Iced Coffee?
What’s the allergy info?
Are the mushrooms psychedelic? 
Can I take it everyday?
Pregnant / breastfeeding? 
Try it for 30 days - if you don't love it, it's on us.
Try it now
Endorsed by Experts
Experts Review Image
Gabrielle McGrath, Registered dietitian nutritionist

"As a functional medicine registered dietitian, I have absolutely loved adding Chitta Latte to my coffee and recommending it to clients. I’ve noticed my stress, anxiety and sleep significantly improve since incorporating Chitta Latte to my daily routine."

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Audre Langbartel - Specialty coffee consultant

"This is the first mushroom coffee product I’ve really embraced after nearly two decades in the industry. Chitta’s mushrooms flavored with premium freeze dried espresso is what sets it apart for me. It blends with my coffee perfectly and extends the energizing effects of caffeine."

Chitta Latte